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The Artists of the Citizens Warehouse
Features Artists from Citizens Artist Collective


Dates: Artist Reception and Book Signing -- 7pm, Saturday June 20, 2015

Location: Etherton Gallery
135 S. Sixth Avenue

Hours: Summer Hours
11 - 5 Tuesday through Saturday and by appointment

Contact: 624-7370

Titus Castanza, Citizens Artist Collective Board
Titus Castanza, Citizens Artist Collective Board (2012) oil on canvas

Etherton Gallery highlights downtown Tucson’s thriving contemporary art scene in its summer show, The Artists of Citizens Warehouse (June 20-Sept 12). The exhibition features a selection of work by 22 artists representing the Citizens Artist Collective who share studio space at the Citizens Warehouse, and whose casual camaraderie enriches their individual works in painting, sculpture, mixed media, design, and photography. An artist reception and book signing will be held at the gallery, at 7-10pm, on Saturday, June 20, 2015.

A selection of work by Dirk Arnold, BICAS, Christina Cárdenas, Rand Carlson, Titus Castanza, Matthew Diggins, Jeff Framer, Nick Georgiou, Laurel Hansen, Joe Hatton, Katherine Josten, Alec Laughlin, Ezequiel Leoni, Patti McNulty, Troy Neiman, Joanna Pregon, Robert Redding, Tony Rosario, Michael Schwartz, Christopher Stevens, Jeremy Singer, and Gavin Troy, will be on display in the gallery.

The Citizens Artist Collective provides the artists easy access to their colleagues’ diverse backgrounds and wide-ranging vocabularies, including music and performance, which enhance the artists’ commitment to their community. Painter Titus Castanza’s portrait of the CAC Board, allows us a bird’s eye view of a lively and thoughtful exchange among some of the artists featured in the exhibition.

Commitment is expressed through a number of artistic strategies such as recycling. Nick Georgiou makes 2-D and life-size sculptures, from discarded newspapers and books.  In an ironic twist, Georgiou’s sculptures recently moved from the street to the windows of French luxury goods purveyor, Hermès’ at their flagship store in New York. Recycling is also important to textile artist, Robert Redding, who works with discarded scraps of wool and yarn. And artist and Tucson Weekly contributor, Rand Carlson, makes mixed media works using cut tin paired with the pithy text of a wordsmith.

However, the traditional fine arts are alive and well, represented by Matthew Diggins, whose portraits are based on his study of Old Masters and Katherine Josten, whose large abstract works on canvas are part of the larger endeavor to use art to improve the world. Josten is the founder of the Global Art Project for Peace.

Several of the artists also have an interest in or have studied architecture, including Dirk Arnold, known for his project Endangered Architecture. Arnold’s meticulously crafted architectural 2-D models framed in shadow boxes remind us of the importance of Tucson’s architectural gems, endangered by residential and commercial development. Designer Ezequiel Leoni began his career making furniture from found materials and now works in forged and fabricated steel.

The artists of the Citizens Artist Collective are also committed to preserving the historic integrity of the Citizens Warehouse and raising public consciousness about the arts community’s contributions to the city of Tucson. To that end, multi-media artist Alec Laughlin edited and published the book, Citizens Warehouse in 2013. Named a Southwest Book of the Year, the book provides information about each artist of the Collective, and details the history of the Citizens Warehouse and the Warehouse Arts District in Tucson.

Etherton Gallery’s exhibition, The Artists of Citizens Warehouse opens with an Artist Reception and Book Signing at 7-10pm, Saturday, June 20, 2015.  Signed copies of the book, Citizens Warehouse will be available for sale.

For information about the exhibition or to interview members of the Citizens Artist Collective, please contact Daphne Srinivasan, Hannah Glasston or Terry Etherton at Etherton Gallery at (520) 624-7370 or info@ethertongallery.com


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