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The Artists of the Citizens Warehouse
Features Artists from Citizens Artist Collective

Citizens Warehouse

CWA Exhibition Press Release



Etherton presents the Citizens Artist Collective, a group of 20 artists working from the Citizens Warehouse building in the Tucson Warehouse Historic District. Working alongside the thunder of the Southern Pacific Railroad – which originally served the historic 1929 Citizens Transfer and Storage Co. – these artists present work from the midst of "a cherished creative camaraderie."

Dirk Arnold
Cristina Cardenas
Rand Carlson
Titus Castanza
Matthew Diggins
Jeff Farmer
Nick Georgiou
Laurel Hansen

Joe Hatton
Katherine Josten
Alec Laughlin

Patti McNulty

Troy Neiman
Joanna Pregon

Robert Redding
Tony Rosano
Michael Schwartz
Christopher Stevens
Jeremy Singer
Gavin Troy

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