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Joe Forkan:
New Paintings


Exhibition: Joe Forkan: New Paintings
Dates: January 12 – February 28, 2007
Opening Reception: Friday, January 19th from 5:30-7:30 p.m. 
Location: Temple Gallery, 330 South Scott Avenue, in the Temple of Music and Art.
The Temple Gallery is managed by Etherton Gallery
Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday, 10-6 p.m. and prior to performances
Contact: Terry Etherton, Hannah Glasston, Daphne Srinivasan
info@ethertongallery.com, 624-7370

In his new work, former Tucsonan Joe Forkan continues his examination of the relationship between “visual perception” and the human compulsion to impose order on the barrage of images we confront daily. 

Rather than seeking reconciliation between these two forces, Forkan’s recent work highlights the multiple tensions produced by this dynamic.  His figural and landscape works, as well as the cityscape views made from his Santa Ana, California studio window, all partake of this tension. Forkan approaches this issue using “multiple and overlapping images and exaggerated motion” to suggest the flux of constantly shifting experience.

Forkan’s work suggests different historical currents operating simultaneously in his imagery. His work synthesizes varied traditions of modernism, reflecting his interest in the “poetic and technical traditions of image making.” Like the French Impressionists, particularly Claude Monet, who painted views of Paris from the photographer Nadar’s studio window, Forkan is preoccupied with light.  Like Monet, Forkan works in a series, painting views of the city at different times of the day, to capture the light’s shifting effects on the color and architecture of Santa Ana.  

Like California Abstract Expressionist Richard Diebenkorn, Forkan employs an elevated viewpoint, highlighting the play of light, color and geometry as well as expressive brush strokes. Forkan reduces the Santa Ana architecture to simple planes of color and shadow.  While Diebenkorn’s work evolved into total abstraction and back again, indicating a desire to resolve these formal concerns, Forkan’s subject is the inescapable conflict produced by the drive to impose order on our constantly shifting perception.  There is no resolution in Forkan’s work. The tension between Forkan’s acknowledgement of the flat surface of his canvas and the fiction of the frame as window, highlight the fallacy of painting and photography as a window on the world.

Artist Joe Forkan is a former Tucsonan now living in Santa Ana, California and working as Assistant Professor of Drawing at California State University at Fullerton. He holds a BFA from the University of Arizona and an MFA from the University of Delaware. His work has been exhibited at the Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs, CA; the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE; and the Tucson Museum of Art. Represented in Tucson by Etherton Gallery, he is available for interviews upon request.  Please contact the gallery at info@ethertongallery.com to schedule an interview or for more information about the artist or his work.

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