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The Artists of Lewis Framing
David F. Brown • Leslie Wardlaw • Doug Shelton • David Kish • Joe Forkan • Dustin Leavitt • William Wiggins

The Artists of Lewis Framing

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One of Tucson’s preeminent framing establishments, Lewis Framing Studio, has, over its many years, employed an array of people who have excelled at framing art and objects across the spectrum. Etherton Gallery presents seven of these current and former employees with their own work.

Please join us to celebrate this talented group of active local and regional artists; an exceptional Tucson business; and its guiding light, owner-operator Bea Mason.

David F. Brown, painting
Joe Forkan, painting
David Kish, drawing
Dustin Leavitt, drawing & photography

Doug Shelton, painting
Leslie Wardlaw, jewelry
William Wiggins, painting