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Bradley W. Pattison:
North Star Lodge Revisited


Bradley W. Pattison  In his new series of pin general and a sense of time in the resonance of sensory memory. Evoking the magic of his memory of a large bell from one of the locomotives that pulled the trains to Star Lake, he says, “I can’t recall either the year we first went to North Star Lodge or my age at the time. What I remember most, as a very young child, was the large bell…used to call the guests to meals -breakfast, lunch and dinner. How I loved to ring that old bell.” Upon viewing his paintings one breathes in the embodied narrative of memory stirring in the woods around the lodge and hears the peal of the bell coming from the porch.

Pattison’s paintings are derived from past impressions and memories of his travels. From the principal sights of antiquity in Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco to his time spent at sea circumnavigating the globe, his exploration of ruined temples, tombs and former metropolises are interpreted and reinvented in narrative works that recall the associative fantasies and visionaintings, North Star Lodge Revisited, Pattison conjures the memories of his summer visits to the lodge sequestered in the vast forests surrounding the Star Lake area of northern Wisconsin. In works that recall the painterly qualities of miniaturist detail Pattison eloquently renders a sense of place as it exists in the landscape of Surrealist painting. His images combine elements of various architectural styles that are at once familiar and unknown. These architectural realms defy gravity and address, as he states, “the condition of being alone as opposed to being lonely, finding the comfort in one’s own company.”

Pattison’s work includes several series including, The Apartment, a group of interiors that are what he calls, “metaphysical representations” of his life in the 1970’s. In the series Ports ‘O Call, looming cruise liners, silhouetted against twilight skies conjure eponymous states of mind with titles like Departure, Embarkation, Overnight, and Arrival. Additional series include, Trees, The Boudoir, The Entrance, The Bath and a series called the Dream Cruise.   

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