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Owen Williams:
New Work


Exhibition:  Owen Williams: New Work   November 18, 2005 - January 11, 2006

Opening Reception:  Fri., December 2nd from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Location: Temple Gallery,330 South Scott Avenue, in the Temple of Music and Art.  The Temple Gallery is managed by Etherton Gallery.  

Gallery Hours:   Monday-Friday, 10-6 p.m. and prior to performances

Contact:  624-7370

Contents:     In his current work, Williams continues to explore the metaphorical aspects of the narrative, inviting the viewer to participate in the mysterious complexities of a story that begins with the personal navigation of meaning. Initially William’s paintings dealt with the exploration of color relationships and contrasting geometric forms. Increasingly intrigued by the narrative possibilities inherent in his technique he began a series with a strong narrative element, what he calls,“a type of pictorial storytelling.”

The narrative element in William's work has become increasingly emblematic, as he states, "These paintings are untitled, distinguished from each other by the dates upon which they were finished and by Roman numerals indicating their place in the series Colors, Signs, Symbols, and Symbiosis. The paintings are purposely ambiguous, sometimes mysterious, often cryptic or totally abstract. Clues in small details or in composition or color can change the apparent meaning of the image. The premise is to involve the viewer as much as possible be engaging the imagination in the creative process. Their only titles are whatever the viewer wants to give them. Their only meaning is what the viewer thinks they mean. I think of them as pages in a small book of poems, or perhaps as a technicolor Rorschach test."

Owen’s earlier kinetic paintings are hard-edge abstractions painted on a three-dimensional surface.  His work, as he states, “is primarily about change, composition, and color…color transmutations and the way colors relate to and affect each other.  These abstract paintings were constructed with logic and strict rules having to do with color and form and the mathematical relationships between them. Beginning in the late 1980s, the work has become increasingly more figurative and narrative. I have added a personal vocabulary of symbols and images derived from nature, science, and art history. While the current work appears to be a radical departure from the earlier, the harmony and balance of abstraction remains as its support. And, just as illusion is the foundation of all art, the element of surprise is its mainstay.”


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Gallery hours are Monday - Friday 10am-6pm
and prior to Arizona Theatre Company performances

The Temple Gallery is managed by
Phone: 520-624-7370

at the Temple of Music and Art
330 South Scott Avenue
Tucson, Arizona

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